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Wendell Rahorst, Inc.

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Exposure Science Info
Indoor Air Quality
Education & Awareness
Regulatory Compliance
Industrial Hygiene Servic
Respiratory Protection
Education and Awareness 
The most effective tool to lower rick to be aware, educated, and trained in theproper procedures to be followed in any given situtation.
Wendell Rahorst, Inc. has extensive experience in providing informational presentations to locate workers, local residents, regulators, and other concerned parties.
Worker Training 


HazWoper (29 CFR 1910.120) Training

·         Hazardous Waste Site Operations

·         Hazardous Waste Site Refresher Training

·         Emergency Response Training

·         OSHA and EPA compliant


Operations, Maintenance, and Awareness

·         Hazard Communication

·         Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene

·         Respiratory Protection

·         Hearing Conservation

·         Lead, benzene, formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, etc.

·         Blood-borne pathogens

·         Construction and industrial safety

·         Custom-designed courses to meet specific client needs

·         Lockout and tagout

·         Confined space entry

·         Asbestos

·         Chemical hygiene plan

·         Hearing/visual conservation

·         Personal protective equipment

·         Ergonomic training

·         Industrial/Laboratory safety


Health & Safety Plan (HASP) Support

·         Development of plans

·         Third party reviews

·         On-site professionals

·         Industrial hygiene monitoring