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Wendell Rahorst, Inc.

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Exposure Science Info
Indoor Air Quality
Education & Awareness
Regulatory Compliance
Industrial Hygiene Servic
Respiratory Protection
Regulatory Compliance

Certified Industrial Hygienist


·         Occupational and/or Environmental Walk Throughs

·         Return to Work Issues

·         Worker Compensation Issues

·         OSHA and DOT Issues

·         Education Programs for workers, employers and the public


Workplace Evaluations


·         Recognition of Hazards

            - Air borne hazards such as particulates, vapors, or gases

            - Chemical spills or dermal contact

            - Physical Agents such as:

·         Acoustic

·         Ergonomic

·         Ionizing Radiation and Fields

·         Thermal Stress

·         Biological Hazards

·         Evaluation of Hazards

            - Analysis of raw materials and by-products

- Analysis of the process

- Analysis of the HVAC systems

- Direct Sampling

·         Control of the Hazards

- Engineering controls

- Administrative controls

- Personal protective equipment

·         Exposure Assessment