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Wendell Rahorst, Inc.

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Respiratory Protection Services



·         Mandatory Respiratory Questionnaire                

·         Pulmonary Function Test                                                

·         Quantitative/Qualitative Respirator Fit Test (See Below)


Support Services

·         Exposure assessments

·         Program and procedure development

·         Protocol development

·         Confidential questionnaire administration

·         Development of written programs

·         Work-site specific procedures

·         Periodic program evaluation

·         Training programs


Program Designs

·         Respirator protection program

·         Respirator cartridge change out program


All our services comply with the requirements of the new OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard that went into effect on October 8, 1998.  This standard requires that all tight fitting respiratory protection face pieces that must provide a fit factor greater than 100 must be quantitatively fit tested.