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Wendell Rahorst, Inc.

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

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Wendell Rahorst, Inc.  was established in 1998 to help foster the advance of  the science of exposure analysis and to help make these services available to both the business and consumer community.

Wendell Rahorst, Inc.  actively promotes engagement and communication among all disciplines involved in exposure science and encourages the integration of these disciplines to foster solutions that lead improved abilities in the exposure science community and enhanced public health.

Wendell Rahorst, Inc endeavors to promote rigorous use of exposure science to strengthen workplace health and safety, general overall well-being of the population, and improved public health standards.


In 1998 after 8 years spent helping to establish the Environmental Health & Safety Department at the Colorado School of Mines Wendell Rahorst founded Wendell Rahorst, Inc. in 1998. Wendell Rahorst, Inc. formed a business working relationship with a specialty medical practice called Toxicology Associates. Wendell Rahorst, Inc. provided exposure assessment services while Toxicology Associates provided clinical toxicology services to the Colorado Front Range and many others areas of the United States.

Wendell Rahorst, Inc. took the lead in establishing respiratory protection services and medical surveillance services (branded Quan'Fit LLC) to both the industrial and environmental business areas while associated with Toxicology Associates

In 2003 Wendell Rahorst, Inc. also established an industrial ventilation segment that provides ventilation services for agencies that handle hazardous materials.

Since 2003 Wendell Rahorst, Inc. has provided exposure science and comprehensive industrial hygiene  services to industrial, governmental, and private clients throughout the United States.